1년에 웨딩드레스가 몇 벌이나 버려진다고 생각하시나요?

여전히 반짝인 채 버려지는 드레스는 무려 170만 벌이

된다고 합니다. 대부분 그저 유행이 지났다는 이유만으로

가치을 잃는 드레스를, 저희 코햄체는 하나의 패션 아이템으로

재탄생시킵니다. 보세요, 이 제품을. 가치가 없어진

웨딩드레스 같은가요?

Do you think how many wedding dresses have been abandoned in a year? 

It is said that the dresses that are still shiny and discarded are about 1.7 million pieces. 

 COHAMCIE re-creates a fashion product by using dresses which has lost value just because it's out of fashion look at these products. 

 Is it look like a worthless wedding dress?


Do you prefer feminine and luxurious style? Then, give yourself a COHAMCIE bag.We hope our wedding dress bags, will have new values.

Bucket Bag

How about giving a gift of a COHAMCIE Bucket bag to your friend getting married? I am sure it would be a really nice, beautiful gift, because it is made from a wedding dress! We invite you to an elegant bridal party with COHAMCIE.


Give only one special and meaningful bag to your lover. And say, 'I want to be with you forever, I love you.'


"Give a Gift to your loved one"